Inorganic Minerals in Water

By Dr. Paul Bragg, N.D., Ph.D.

So many people think of minerals only as those which come directly from the earth "inorganic minerals" that I must stress the fact that the minerals, which are so important to the human body, have undergone a change into an organic state. Only plants can assimilate inorganic minerals from the soil.

By the process of photosynthesis, plants change inorganic minerals, which are found in water, into organic minerals which can be assimilated by man. When you buy mineral supplements be sure that they are derived from plants or other organic sources not directly from the earth. You can no more digest inorganic minerals than you can dirt.

The minerals that are essential to the body are organic minerals only found in fruits and vegetables, vital to cell reproduction and the assimilation and utilization of other food elements and substances. They are present in all body tissues, including hair.

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