Oxygenated Water

In an article published by UC Berkeley, they dispute any health benefits that supposedly can be derived from Oxygenated Water. The claim is that oxygenated water (such as Aqua Rush, Life02, Athletic Super Water) claim that their water is infused with 7 to 40 times more oxygen than ordinary water.  They further claim that oxygenated water helps muscles and improves athletic performance.

UC Berkeley documents points out inconsistencies in this claim.  They noted that there is “little free oxygen gas in water to begin with; adding more doesn’t amount to much.” They further wrote that based on a research at Duke University, “a bottle of oxygenated water had less oxygen that what you get taking a single breath”.

Oxygen is absorbed into our blood through our lungs and not digested.  A healthy person has all the oxygen he needs and you cannot add more to it.  They ended the article by stating that “oxygenated water is a scam”.


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