Why not just drinking the tap water?

You can certainly do just that. The local water meets the minimum standards for drinking water and it’s less expensive. However, It has many impurities in it. It has chemicals – like chlorine – added to it. With Crystal Clear Water, we exceed the US standard for bottled water.

Why should I drink Crystal Clear Purified Water instead of spring water?

With Crystal Clear, we make much healthier for you. Without all the impurities that you normally fine in tap and spring water, you are assured of pure, clean, Crystal Clear every time.

Did you notice that spring and mineral water companies cannot claim purity? They will normally talk “natural”. However would you really drink straight out of the river? And others go as far as saying that their source water is from “protected sources”. And can you really get your daily minerals from a rock source (inorganic mineral?). The minerals needed for our bodies are taken from organic minerals like plants and meat.

Our body is an extremely complex filtering system. We should not add into bodies things that we do not need like nitrates, bromates, metals, inorganic chemicals and more sodium. In fact the purer the water, the less filtering our body needs to.

Do I need minerals in my water?

We have been asked this question quite often. When we talk about minerals in water we are referring to inorganic materials like rocks and alike. We also have organic minerals such as plants and animals. Good minerals are what we find in food like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Minerals that are not good for ingestion are lead, arsenic, antimony, aluminum, barium, etc. So, we begin with the knowledge that all minerals aren’t necessarily good for you.

There are mineral waters that have inorganic minerals like calcium in their bottles. An average of 35 milligrams per liter would usually be indicated. Your recommended daily allowance for an average person is 1000 milligrams a day. If you have bone problems like osteoporosis or is much older, you recommended allowance is 1200 per day. You would need to drink 7 gallons a day to reach your quota, it would be more simple to just drink a glass of milk or to take calcium pill.

Why does Crystal Clear Water taste better that any other water?

The difference is in the taste because of we have perfected the technology to make pure water. With Crystal Clear you taste nothing but pure, clean water. With other types of water you get to taste the different minerals and impurities.

How do we ensure the consistency and purity of Crystal Clear in every store?

Since we operate a franchise network of over 500 stores nationwide, each store is visited monthly by our compliance team and rated.

Our purification systems are designed to ensure that contaminants are eliminated in the process. Many claim that they have 18, 24 and some 36 stages. These so called stages that they count are just the number of machines but not the process. In Crystal Clear our process has been consistent and quality is our main concern.

All stores are required to submit themselves to a third party laboratory to verify the quality of water. These laboratories are found nationwide and are no means connected with our company.