The Service

In today's fast-paced world, good old-fashioned customer service is often overlooked, but at Solerex Water Stores, Inc., the customer always comes first. From our computerized Point of Sale (POS) system detailing customer needs, and our courteous delivery drivers, to our friendly and dependable office staff-you will always be in good hands.

Once you have been set up as a customer, we'll make sure you never run dry. You'll be given a delivery schedule that will show you the exact dates you'll receive your water delivery. Simply put, the delivery service is convenient and hassle free.



Solerex Water Technologies, Inc., is water. No name brings to mind quality water more than Crystal Clear Water. Established in 1990, Solerex Water Technologies, Inc. is the undisputed leader in Water Store Industry in the country today for home and office deliveries. We have dealt with every water problem imaginable and we have solved these problems to deliver the refreshing, clean and pure Crystal Clear Water that has become our hallmark. Free of contaminants and minerals, water treated with our Solerex Systems will make an impression on your family and colleagues. All the products we offer have been perfected through research and development, and used by homes and businesses the world over. Always advancing with new technological developments, our products continue to set the standards in the Philippine bottled water industry.